I.T Support

Remote or Onsite Support

I.T support for the home and business user with remote or onsite support. We are available to provide assistance where ever need. No IT issues to big or too small. We provide after-hours support at no extra cost. IT support that’s convenient.

Support Level Agreements

Have a service level agreement and receive the highest priority, full range of our services, unlimited support, and proactive maintenance. This is practical for businesses that don't have an IT department yet need full-time support.

Hardware & Software troubleshooting

Software and Hardware support is vital to a business's IT. It works to ensure smooth, trouble-free operations. In addition to software, device driver, and firmware updates, software and hardware can fail, requiring troubleshooting and repairs.


Wi-Fi Solutions

Do you need to extend your wireless network? Is your wireless network slow? Do you need Wi-Fi outside? We do trouble-shooting, heat map assessments, indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi installations. Let us provide you with our expertise.

Cabling & Switches

Expanding your wired network from a single cable to doing an entire network. Our expert team can go from laying, organizing, labeling cables to installing network points with switches.

Internet Solutions

You need the internet but not sure what is right for you. So many options available can be daunting to choose. We can help. We look at what’s available in your area. How many will be using your network? What will be required day to day in terms of internet usage and speed? We then give you a recommendation that’s cost-effective to your budget

Network Assessments and Optimization

Get the best out your network in terms of reliability, speed and security. Find out what we can do for you.

I.T Security

Managed Firewalls & Traffic Monitoring

Installation, setup of managed firewalls for monitoring network traffic. Ensuring that everything is secure and under control within your network. We can restrict users from accessing certain sites to detailing what users are doing on your network.

Security Audits & Assessments

We can help you find all the weaknesses on your network before someone with malicious intent does. We give detailed reports on vulnerability and implement intrusion prevention. Hackers are an ever-growing problem. Don’t become a statistic.

Intrusion Prevention

May it be your Wi-Fi network to your web page. A lack of security can be detrimental. Incurring financial loss to identity theft. Contact us on best practices to secure your network or digital property.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Solutions

Protect yourself from malicious software, like ransomware or data mining. Have peace of mind knowing your computer and data are safe. We offer paid and free software solutions.

Backup Solutions

Onsite and Offsite Backups

We come to you and manage your backups. Set up schedules for backups. We ensure that your data is safe. On-site backup is needed in case of hardware failure. Off-site backup is needed in case of fire or theft. No one can afford to lose irreplaceable data.

Cloud Backups

Backing up to the cloud is a great way to ensure real-time backup of files. It's also a great way to protect against ransomware. The only drawback is when a large restoration has to take place. One would need a fast internet connection or lengthy wait to restore. We provide various free and paid solutions.

Data & Disaster Recovery

Data Recovery

The worst has happened. You lost your data. We can assist. Data recovery will be recommended if no backups were in place. Bear in mind that no data is 100% guaranteed, however, we do have a “no data, no payment” policy in place.

Disaster Recovery

So you have backups but unsure how to restore your valuable data. We can go from testing your failed hardware to restoring your data..

Web Design & Maintenance

New Website

Thinking of getting a new website for your business? From a simple 3-page website to an entire e-commerce store. We can help.

Website Maintenance

You got a website but haven't updated it in a while. We can help get your website up to date. From updating plugins or information, even your website security.

SEO Optimization

We live in a time of your business being visible on the internet. Is your business competing properly online? Do you need better exposure or need better revenue online? We can assist with getting your business ranked online.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Microsoft 365

Let your business grow and move to Microsoft 365. Get 1TB of cloud storage and 50GB mailbox size per user. All products below are included in your monthly or yearly subscription.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Microsoft 365 Business Pricing

Repairs & Upgrades

Repairs & Upgrades

We come out to you and assess your hardware. Make recommendations according to your budget and requirements. Anything from mice and keyboards, PC problems, routers, laptops, and other peripherals. Upgrade or repair, not a problem.